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Have a favorite set of coilovers on your car, but wish you had the ride height adjustability of an air suspension setup? Well look no further! Our Coilover Lift Kit installs on top of your coilover in place of your original spring hat, without adding any stack height. That's right... our lifts add ZERO height to your coilover when they're deflated!

Airing up the HYBRIDair lifts will allow you to achieve an extra 2"-5" of ride height (depending on your suspension geometry). Unlike 'air cup' style lifts, you can drive with pressure in the system as much as you like, taking advantage of the adjustability whenever you need it.

Hybrid Air Coilover Lift Kit

Shock Rod Shaft Diameter:
Spring Type:
Are you using camber plates?
    • Adds zero additional height to your coilover at 0 psi
    • Drive low at your normal coilover spring rate
    • Adjust ride height while driving
    • Drive with air in the system or completely aired out
    • 2"-5" max. lift (depending on suspension geometry)
    • Retain your original coilovers
    • Universal - Simply measure your height according to the Measurement Guide
    • Please verify any clearance issues before ordering! While this kit is designed to be compact and non-intrusive, certain factory suspension setups may not provide the extra space required to add a lift kit. If you have any questions regarding fitment, please don't hesitate to send us an email from our contact page.
    • Refer to Hybrid Air's Wheel Well Clearance Check to eliminate any potential fitment issues.