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The unique design of HYBRIDair coilover lifts allow for up to 5" of ride height lift, while requiring only a fraction of the air a traditional air ride system would need to accomplish the same task. This provided the opportunity for our management kit to be compact & simplified, allowing you to easily tuck it away where it fits best, potentially even hiding it altogether. Thus, The Hideaway was born. While the dimensions have been kept small, it packs a serious punch! Filling from min to max pressure in under 9 seconds means you will rarely have to listen to compressor buzz.

Hybrid Air "Hideaway" Management Kit

    • 1.75 CFM 33% (@ 100 PSI) duty cycle air compressor
    • 1.0 GA tank
    • 3 position momentary adjustment switch
    • Integrated electric valve manifold
    • SMC DOT fittings
    • 40' 1/4" DOT air line
    • 25A fuse & fuse holder