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These catalyst replacement pipes for the 3.0TFSI provide a much more agressive exhaust note at idle and on acceleration. They are manufactured from 321 stainless steel for higher heat resistance with thick stainless flanges for durability. These pipes are a must for any 3.0TFSI running Stage 2 or higher, when the factory cats can no longer keep up with the increased exhaust temperatures. Dyno testing has seen gains of 23WHP/TQ on an otherwise stock engine!

KWE Clubsport Elite Catalyst Pipe Set 3.0TFSI

SKU: 42237
    • Diameter: 63 x 1,5 mm
    • Flange thickness 10mm
    • Flexible interlock pipes
    • All holders and connectors like OEM
    • Fits plug and play on OE and aftermarket exhaust systems
    • The most important advantage is the reduction of the back pressure
      and thereby a decrease in exhaust gas temperature
    • Material: Stainless Steel 1.4541 with Titanium